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Latino Alumni Network of Syracuse University (LANSU) Hosts ‘Canal Latino’

Growing up, what did popular culture tell you about your Latino roots? Were you told that Latino equals Mexican y vice versa? Or, that your super curly hair  (or straight blonde, for that matter) and dulce de leche skin tone wasn’t right for the small screen?

I’ve had numerous conversations with both Latinos and our Caribbean neighbors about our portrayal on TV, in print publications and online, and we all have the same complaint: We don’t see ourselves reflected in media. That’s not to say we haven’t come a long way, but we’ve got more montañas to climb.

Many of these points were touched upon during Monday evening’s panel event, “Canal Latino:  A Q&A with Senior Editor Andrea Gompf“. Moderated by‘s Ghislaine Leon, the conversation spanned from viewing images of Luz Clarita and Balbuena to the intimate question and answer session. To follow the chat, take a look at our Storify, below:



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