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What Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes Speech Meant to Me As a Latina


(Image: Melissa Kimble)

Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes speech stole the show and our hearts. The first-time nominee and winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series beat out well-known actresses such as Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) and Lena Dunham (Girls) for her role in Jane the Virgin.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t watching the star-studded awards show, but I was on social media, which means I was practically watching it via Twitter and Instagram. Shortly after the 30-year-old boricua actress delivered her speech, my timelines went crazy. A meme with one of her powerful lines came across my Samsung Galaxy 5 and I knew I had to listen to it in full.

“This award is so much more than myself – it represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes.”

¡Dios mío! Rodriguez was speaking firsthand to the experience and journey of many Latinos in the U.S. Her powerful speech resonated with me on so many levels, but I could relate to these three points made:

The American Dream

“Thank you Mom and Dad for telling me to dream big and to never stop dreaming.”

Like Rodriguez, my parents encouraged me to dream BIG. No matter how untraditional, they just want me to be happy and take advantage of opportunities they didn’t have. Many of our grandparents or parents who’ve ventured to America for a better life did not have the option to work in the same career they did back home, or even choose one they really like. It’s whatever paid the most and put food on the table at the time.

I have to thank my own parents and grandparents for the sacrifices made. If not for them, I wouldn’t think I could achieve the things I set my mind to.

Representation in Media

When it comes to the portrayal of Latinos in media, it’s either nonexistent or problematic. I won’t deny the progress that’s been made. I mean, Rodriguez just won a Golden Globe, but we need more realistic representation on TV and in magazines, among other places.

“I didn’t see color as a young girl; I used to think we didn’t even exist,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. Many Latinas can relate.

I’m still waiting to see a Latina president, or a lead that’s Latina and looks like me. Still waiting…

“I Can and I Did”

Rodriguez’s speech left me feeling inspired. Her journey has added more fuel to my passion of capturing our stories. Look forward to having my own “I can and I did” moment.

Thank you, Gina!

Here’s the full speech:

What stood out most for you in Rodriguez’s recent Golden Globes speech? Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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