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15 Signs You Grew Up Honduran

Cosmopolitan-for-Latinas_15-Signs-You-Grew-Up-HonduranRecently, I wrote an article for Cosmopolitan for Latinas entitled “15 Signs You Grew Up Honduran.” Can I tell you, I had to laugh when writing some of these down.  I love my culture!

Here’s a snippet from the article:

5. Family always came first. If you didn’t live within walking distance from your primos or abuelos, your family would always gather for a little bonchinche over machucaMachuca prep was no small feat, and you would always be in charge of one of the following: (1) Handling the sopa de pescado or coconut soup, (2) boiling the platanos and mashing them (it helps when you imagine the platano was yoursinvergüenza ex), or (3) setting the table.

6. You speak Spanish, English, and un poquito de GarifunaIf someone walks up to you saying, “Buiti binafi” (“good morning”) or “Buiti guñoun” (“good night”), nod, smile, and repeat.

7. Any playlist had to have a punta mix. Merengue, salsa, and bachata usually make the cut, but when the punta hits, everyone from your great-aunt to your littlest baby cousin would move their hips to the three-beat rhythm.

8. Somehow, you’re related to everyone you know. “Wait, you’re cousins with who? ¡Ay mama!” Yep, your dating options were pretty slim.

Click here to read the entire article. 

For my Hondurans, let me know what you agree with or certain things you might’ve added to the list. I’m thinking I’ll add on to this list and keep the conversation going. Comment in the section below! 

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