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Comida Caliente’s Danielle Vara Aleman On Family, Hard Work & Pursuing Your Dreams

Who doesn’t love a web series? No matter where your interests lie, you’ll be able to find a web series that resonates with you.

If you’re into food, family and fun, you will want to check out “Comida Caliente,” a reality style cooking show that features the Vara family led by the fam’s matriarch, Dene Vara. The show stars Dene’s daughters, Danielle, Stefani and Dianna.

“We are introduced to an honest depiction of what life is like in the Vara household, their bond with one another, and the trials and tribulations they each face separately cook up traditional Mexican meals but also solutions to everyday life,” mentions on the series. “Throughout their daily experiences together and apart, the Vara sisters always know they can rely on their Mama, Dene.”

Our own Francis Carrero caught up with the eldest sister, Danielle, who spoke to us about “Comida Caliente, how she’s pursuing her dreams and their latest series, “Casa de Vara.”

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