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Mani Mamí Launches in Honduras

In November 2014, I had an idea. I didn’t know how I would execute it, but, like many things, I was determined to make it happen. I wanted to launch an initiative for women in communities similar to the one my family came from. Mani Mamí was born.

You might be wondering, why nails? What’s that got to do with anything? Well, ladies, don’t you enjoy getting a nice manicure/pedicure? I know I do! However, in certain areas of the world, that luxury (or as I like to call it “me time”) isn’t as freely available. I wanted to recreate that experience for women in rural areas of Latin America.

With my parents being from an area of Honduras called Colón, I decided to make that my first stop. I’m happy to announce that our Ain’t I Latina?’s Mani Mamí event launched on May 2.

I have to send a special shout out to the CURLS team (especially founder and the all-around awesome Mahisha Dellinger for providing products from the Kynx line—i am Fierce refreshing leave in moisturizer, i am Unique texture defining gel, and i am Free miracle kink cream—and several “CURLS Girls Rule The World” T-shirts. Roughly 50 women and girls gathered beachside to paint their nails, as well as receive free CURLS products.

I’m still on a high from the gathering and find it hard to capture the feeling in words. I’m looking forward to expanding Mani Mamí, bringing it to other areas of Central and South America. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Also have to thank my family for the  major support on this. My mother and father for providing on-site assistance; my tio Herman for providing the venue; and cousin, Noli, for helping me to get the word out. Love my squad!


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