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8 Empowering Lessons from Orgullosa’s #LivingFabulosa Event


Actress Diane Guerrero, center, moderates a panel of Latina trendsetters, Janet Jones, founder of Vixen Workout, Denise Soler Cox, filmmaker and founder of Project Enye, Raquel Sofía, singer and songwriter, Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google, and Emmelie De La Cruz, personal branding expert, left to right, at at P&G’s Orgullosa #LivingFabulosa event,Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for P&G Orgullosa/AP Images)

Latinas filled The Paley Center for Media in New York City for the annual Orgullosa #LivingFabulosa event on February 23. While attendees networked and enjoyed goodies from P&G’s beauty brands: Crest, Olay, Secret, Pantene and Venus, the red carpet was graced by celeb guests like SAG Award-winning actress Diane Guerrero and fellow Orange Is the New Black cast members Karina Ortiz, Jackie Cruz and Berto Colon; JW Cortes from Fox’s Gotham and Team U.S.A. Fencer Natalie Vie. caught up with several of the notable guests (check out the videos, here and here).  We asked Ortiz what #LivingFabulosa meant to her.

“It means working on yourself to be a better person,” said the Dominican actress. “It means working on your dreams, on your goals [and] not settling, and passing on the message to those around you.”

The gems were flowing throughout last Tuesday’s event. The “Motivating Through Mentors” panel, which included singer Raquel Sofia; Vixen Workout founder Janet Jones; Project Enye founder Denise Soler Cox; personal branding expert Emmelie De La Cruz; and the head of multicultural marketing for Google Eliana Murillo, highlighted the importance and need for Latina mentors. The panel was followed by confidence-boosting sessions led by the panelists: “Moves Like No Other” with Janet Jones, founder of Vixen Workout; “Dreams Are Ageless” with Denise Soler Cox, founder of Project Enye; “Embody Fearlessness” with Raquel Sofia, singer/songwriter at Sony Music; “Strengthen Your Brand” with Emmelie De La Cruz, personal branding expert; and “Healthy, Happy & Hired” with Eliana Murillo, head of multicultural marketing at Google.

These powerful Latinas left a lasting impression. Here, we take a look at several empowering takeaways from #LivingFabulosa.


Go for that position or opportunity and do so without apologizing. Most will get it; others won’t, but never dim your light to appease others. Be unapologetic in your journey.   2.


Whether you have a strong connection to your roots, or discovering where you come from, there’s beauty in that.  


Knowledge is meant to be shared. Understand your strengths and expertise, and find opportunities to pass on that knowledge. 4.


How many times have you looked around and said, ‘why doesn’t this exist?’ You don’t have to wait for it to be created. You shoot your shot and make it happen.



Not to sound cliché but… “great things don’t come from comfort zones.” There’s a whole new world filled with opportunities and lessons at the end of your comfort zone. Trust yourself to navigate that space.   6.

Be bold and fight for what you want.


This one spoke to me on a personal level. I’m a bit awkward and growing up didn’t always know where I fit in. Now, I’ve tapped into the various layers of my identity, embraced what makes me different and have used that as a platform to connect with others. My differences have led me to my passion. 8.

Forever. Always.

What does it mean to be #LivingFabulosa to you? Let us know in the comments section. 

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