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Happy Mother’s Day: 4 Amazing Mujeres Share Why They Love Motherhood


(Image: Wix)

Mother’s Day is a special occasion. While many celebrate the beauty of motherhood year round and on the daily, the observance allows for us to acknowledge and celebrate not only the women who brought us into this world, but those who have served as mother figures throughout our lives. For the women who now have the coveted title of “mom,” or “mama,” it’s a day to celebrate you, too!

We tapped four Afro-Latina mothers, who are bosses in their own right, to see what motherhood means to them and why they love being a mom:



Christina Morillo and beautiful family pose for a pic. (Image: Christina Morillo)

Christina Morillo, Vice President, Technology and Information Risk at Morgan Stanley + co-founder of #WOCinTech Chat

What I love most about being a mom is…

The love. My children shower me with so much unconditional love, which, of course, I love reciprocating. I really love getting to know my three little human beings everyday and enjoying special moments with them.”




Miami-based mom Topacio Despierta is all smiles with her adorable daughter, Isabella. (Image: Topacio Despierta)

Topacio Despierta, writer, journalist and researcher 

What I love most about being a mom is…

How my daughter helps me re-awaken. It’s as if she holds up this mirror so I can see who I am being and who I am becoming in each moment. It’s actually one of the most challenging parts of being a mother. When this little being [Isabella] I brought into the world reveals to me who I am being in that moment, even when I do not want to admit it to myself. Every time she holds up that mirror, I have a choice to accept who I am being and reflect, or to ignore it. As difficult as it may be at times, I make a choice to look into that mirror, accept my flaws and learn from that experience.






California-based mom Mariela poses for a pic with her handsome son. (Image: Mariela Rosario)

Mariela Rosario, Manager, Features & Special Projects at Vivala 

What I love most about being a mom is…

Seeing the world through the eyes of my son. Everything is full of wonder and joy! It reminds you just how beautiful life is and can be every single day.








Neffi Walker, mother of four, and her daughter, Jhette, serving! (Image: Neffi Walker)

Neffi Walker, designer and owner of Lenoir Home 

What I love most about being a mom is…

It has challenged me to look at them [my children] as individuals and guide them towards their truths. Each one is different, different temperament, personality, mannerisms, etc. and I get to navigate them through life with love and affection. I am their first love, and, as a mother, I show them first what unconditional love looks like.



Are you a mother? Share what you love most about being a mom with us in the comments section, below. 

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