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Mother-Daughter Duo Evelyn Lozada and Shaniece Hairston On Inspiration, Identity & What’s Next


(Image: OWN)

The world was introduced to New York City native Evelyn Lozada on VH1’s reality TV series, Basketball Wives. Known for her keep-it-real attitude, sharp tongue and headline-grabbing behavior, Lozada was seen as the “mean girl” of the cast. However, many saw a different side of the proud Boriqua on Season 5 of the series and Iyanla: Fix My Life, which showed her journey to healing after being assaulted by her ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

A lot has happened since then!

The mamá of two is engaged to baseball player Carl Crawford, welcomed her second child, Carl Leo, who is now 2, into the world, and the star, alongside her 23-year-old daughter Shaniece Hairston, of Livin’ Lozada on OWN. The family-focused show takes viewers through familia highs like Hairston’s 40th birthday party for her mom to Lozada’s struggles with infertility and miscarriage.

“Fans get to see me in a different light,” said Lozada to “I think one of the reasons why reality TV has worked for me is because I’m myself…I just show every side of myself, whether I’m happy or sad. I’m very vulnerable and I’m okay with that.”

While Hairston, who lives in LA managing her modeling career, is used to the cameras rolling, she admits she’s not as vulnerable. It’s something she’s working on. “I’m learning how to be more vulnerable,” she says.

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As we caught up with the mom-daughter duo, we asked them to reveal one thing most people don’t know about them. Lozada reveals while she’s social she enjoys spending time at home and watching the news. “I’m really a homebody,” she says. For Hairston, many might be surprised at her fave music choice. “I’m a diehard country music fan,” Hairston says, noting that Carrie Underwood is one of her favorite artists.

The future looks bright for Lozada, who identifies as Latina and/or Boriqua; Hairston, a Black Latina, and their entire family. Stay tuned for what’s next for the Livin Lozada crew!

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