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Black Latina Actress Jenelle Simone of BET’s ‘Brooklyn.Blue.Sky’ On Importance of Telling Our Stories

Award-winning web series Brooklyn. Blue. Sky., which debuted on last November, chronicles the story of two distant exes, Skylar (played by Jenelle Simone) and Blue (played by Michael Oloyede). The two reluctantly decide to come together to create a script for a Netflix and Chill TV Pilot competition. But before they submit, they have to untie the binds that held them captive to their youthful love.

Juicy, right?!

We caught up with Simone to discuss our complex, yet important narratives, identity and navigating love.

The eight-episode series was created and written by filmmakers Rhavynn Drummer and Dui Jarrod, and executive produced by Jenya Meggs. It is the first acquisition of a web series for BET’s online interactive space, BET Digital.

Watch the interview, below:

Interview conducted by Major, and edited by Francis Carrero.

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