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‘The Consortium of Afro-Latino Communities’ Celebrates Afro-Latino Heritage During Black History Month

The Consortium of Afro-Latino Communities cultural event promoted and exposed attendees to the African roots and heritage among Latinos last Friday.  The free cultural event, which was held at Baltimore City Community College—Liberty Campus, drew an intimate crowd of educators, activists and those simply eager to learn more about the rich history of Latinos across the globe.The gathering was powered by the Universal Negro Improvement Association in association with the Baltimore City Community College History Club.

(Image: Kevin Sabio)

(Image: Kevin Sabio)

Author and activist Kevin Sabio spearheaded the Feb. 7 event, which he hopes will help bridge the gap between African-American and Latino communities, and foster dialog among those of the Diaspora.

“It is important for us to understand and accept our African roots because it is a serious part of who we are, and it is not at all widely accepted,” said event organizer Sabio, the author of Raise Your Brown Black Fist. “Very little homage is paid to our African roots, if at all.  Our African roots are just as integral, if not more, to our history, heritage, and culture than given credit for.”

The highlight of the event was the insightful lecture presented by Christopher Rodriguez, author of Latino Manifesto.

Sabio notes that this is just the beginning for The Consortium and the group ultimately plans to become a Pan-Africanist organization.

The Consortium of Afro Latino Communities was founded in 2012.  Since it’s start, it has taken place bi-annually—once in the winter during Black History Month, and again in the fall for Latino Heritage Month.

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