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WATCH: Mun2 Doc ‘Black and Latino’ Explores Race and Ethnicity

Released in 2012, mun2’s original documentary Black and Latino discusses the challenges in identifying as Afro-Latino. Tapping well-known Afro-Latinas such as actresses Gina Torres and Tatyana Ali, singer/actress-turned-entrepreneur Christina Milian, and media maven Soledad O’Brien, the web doc takes a closer look at what it means to be both Black and Latino in America—and told by some of America’s most prominent Afro-Latino celebs.

“When I became an actress, I quickly realized that the world liked their Latinas to look Italian, not like me,” said Torres, who is best known for her role on Fox’s sci-fi cult fave, Firefly. “And so I wasn’t going up for Latina parts, I was going up for African-American parts.”

Take a look at “Black and Latino” below:

Let us know what you think about the clip in the comments section below, or on Twitter or Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great if MTV or mun2 continued to explore this topic? 

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