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Afro-Latina Sisters Launch ‘Proyecto Más Color’ Calling for More Diversity in Latino Media

Proyecto Más Color founders Victoria and Sophia Arzu are calling for change—and they want it now! Las hondureñas launched their online petition and social media campaign earlier this month, urging Spanish-speaking media to showcase the diversity of the Latino culture.

We caught up with the duo to discuss their campaign and the impact they hope to have on Latino media:

What inspired you to launch Proyecto Más Color?

We have noticed the racial disparity in Latin American television programs from a very young age, and we want to bring awareness to the lack of representation of Afro-Latinos in Latin American media. This is a mission for social justice. The Latino community is diverse and it’s time for the Latin American media to start reflecting that diversity. This is an era of multiculturalism. It’s time for Latin American media to start catching up.

What do you hope the outcome to be for Proyecto Más Color? 

We foresee the inclusion of more people of color in Univision and Telemundo’s daily programming.

How have the ways Afro-Latinos been portrayed in Spanish-speaking media affected the way you’ve viewed yourself?

We don’t view ourselves according to what we see in the media. Our quest is to seek representation for our people and model for our children.

Why do you choose to identify as Afro-Latina? 

An Afro-Latino is a Latin American person of Black African ancestry, and that’s exactly what we are.

Ain’t I Latina? supports Proyecto Más Color. If you’d like to support, too, click here to sign the petition. Also, take part in the social movement by following along on Facebook and Twitter. 

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