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How to Handle ¿Y tu novio? Season



Today’s Thanksgiving, the start of the holiday season. Not only is it a time to gather with family and friends, as well as enjoy great eats (already dreaming of pernil, empanadas y tamales), it’s a chance for everyone to catch up. Naturally, conversations will flow from work and new opportunities to who you’re dating. Latinas, you know what that means!

Enter the expected pregunta: ¿Y tu novio?’  * inserts lengthy sigh *

Buzzfeed recently released a video that perfectly captures the internal conversation and fam reactions when you return home without a partner. Watch the video, below:

For those of us who may anticipate the questions, here are four possible responses to ¿y tu novio?:




Grab the closest person to you and start dancing. Weird? Not really. We love music and if it’s Juan Luis Guerra, La Banda Gorda or any favorite cantante, you’re good.



Pour up

Grab the closest bottle of liquor and begin offering drinks. The question will go from your boyfriend to more pressing matters: Whether or not you’re pouring more brugal or coquito.




Wait, what happened to your boo?

Prepare yourself for the rebuttal. You know tia don’t play that!



Keep it 100.

Honesty is the best policy. Who knows? Maybe your primo/a will tell a friend to tell a friend that you’re on the market. And if you’re not looking, then tell your family you’re good.

All the single ladies, how do you handle this question? Share your best responses in the comments section. 

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