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Viral Video Showcases Pride & Struggle of Afro-Peruvians


(Image: YouTube)

“I feel invisible when I tell people there’s racism in Peru and they don’t believe me,” says a young Afro-Peruvian woman.

“My name is not ‘morenita,’ ‘zambita,’ or ‘morocha,” notes another Afro-Peruvian woman.

“It’s as if being Black is bad,” says an Afro-Peruvian man from Tacna.

A 2013 video, courtesy of The World Bank, has been circulating the web for the last several weeks. The viral video, which features very candid accounts from Afro-Peruvians, hits on the topics of invisibility, underrepresentation and discrimination of Black people in the South American country.

The World Bank found that four out of ten Afro-Peruvians have felt insulted or prejudiced against “in the workplace, in shops, or other public places,” reports

Despite the ill treatment, the interviews showcase a strong sense of Afro-Peruvian pride.

WATCH the video below:

Afro-Peruvian organizations like LUNDU are working to expand racial classifications in the 2017 National Census, including making visible “racial data on violence against women.” Peru, however, hasn’t made efforts to collect census data on its Afro-Peruvian population since 1940.

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