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10 Afro-Latina Authors You Should Know

10-Afro-Latina-Authors-AintILatina.comThe Afro-Latina experience is one that is so specific, yet differs from country to country. One thing that remains the same is an Afro-Latina author’s ability to share her story and offer a sense of relatability for readers. The authors below have shared our stories in various ways; stories that continue to unite us, and let us know we are not alone in our struggles.






Veronica Chambers is best known for her memoir, Mama’s Girl. Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, her writing often reflects her Afro-Latina heritage.









Sulma Arzu-Brown is the author of the recently released, Bad Hair Does Not Exist. As a proud Garifuna woman from Honduras, Sulma uses her words to encourage girls to love themselves.









Ynanna Djehunty’s Hija de Mi Madre is a combination of her personal experiences as an Afro-Dominican and historical standards that shape identity in the US.









Marshalla Ramos wrote Isabella’s Hair and How She Learned to Love It as a direct response to self-image and natural hair issues that many Afro-Latinas face.





Mayra Santos Febres is a Puerto Rican author who focuses on Diaspora identity, feminine sexuality and erotica. Titles include: Sirena Selena, Our Lady of the Night, and Fe en Disfraz.



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