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MTV’s ‘Washington Heights’ Starlet Reyna Saldana Drops ‘Strangers’ Video

Viewers of MTV’s Washington Heights reality-TV show got a glimpse of Reyna Saldana’s burgeoning music career with her first single, “If I Could Go.” Now, the 20-something dominicana is back, dropping the latest single off her upcoming EP. Directed by Nelson Salcedo and fellow cast mate and artist Audubon, “Strangers” is a track that the ladies (and even guys) will be able to relate to, especially if you’ve ever found yourself pursuing someone who thinks you’ll stick around despite the games.  I’m loving  the snow scenes (as well as that wide-brimmed fedora) and sultry bedroom tease Saldana is giving with the video’s co-star b.k.a. the guy playing games!

Watch Saldana’s video, here:

Reyna, we see clearly now, too, and looking forward to listening to your entire EP.

What do you think of “Strangers”? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • I actually like this!! Not gonna lie – I didn’t have a lot of faith in her on “Washington Heights” since Audobon said she was kinda lazy but this is a decent song and video. I hope she prospers!!

    • Janel Martinez

      I’m a fan of the song and vid. It seems like she’s putting in work and gearing up for the launch of her EP. All the best to her!

  • Nancy Martinez

    I like it. It’s really too bad “Washington Heights” didn’t return to MTV. I loved it!!

    • Janel Martinez

      Me too! Fingers crossed that the show comes back. There’s no other reality show on a major cable network like it that really delves into the life of millennial Latinos.