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Life Lessons From Our Mothers


Me and my lovely mother at Ain’t I Latina? launch event (Image: Ain’t I Latina?)

My mother has taught me some of the most powerful lessons to date. She’s my role model and I strive to embody many of the qualities she exudes such as compassion, selflessness, inner and outer beauty to name a few.

Recently, I shared a few of mi madre’s lessons with my dear friend, fellow blogger and college roomie Tasha Brown. Here’s a snippet of her post, which I encourage you all to read in its entirety (link below):

Most Valuable Verbal Lessons

“One thing no one can ever take from you is your education. That’s something you’ll always have.” My Mom always encouraged my brother and I to do well in school and not be ashamed to be intelligent and confident. Academics were important in our household and my mother always encouraged us to do the best we could in school. No matter what, education is something that can’t be taken away from a person, she’d remind us. 

My mother came to the U.S. at five years of age and she would remind us that life could be very different if she/we grew up in Honduras. Her reminders were humbling in a sense because although we grew up in America, received a great education and reaped the benefits of hard work, our outcome could’ve been very different had my grandparents and dad not come to this country.

Have your own money.” As long as I can remember my mother advised me to have my own stash of money for emergencies or whatever. Even when I get married, she’d say, you’ve gotta be able to support yourself. I didn’t fully understand the importance of a rainy day fund until I got older. I’m so glad she raised me to understand that I have to be able to support myself financially, with or without a boyfriend/husband.

Most Valuable Nonverbal Lessons

To be aware of my surroundings, always. I swear she knows what’s going on miles way—she just knows, lol.

Be strong and hold it together. My mother is one of the strongest people I know. Not sure how she holds it together so well but I admire that about her.

Click here to read the entire article!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

What have you learned from your madre? Share in the comments section.

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