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Top 10 Lessons Learned At #WeAllGrowNYC


Ain’t I Latina? founder Janel Martinez at #WeAllGrowNYC on November 1, 2015.

I’m always eager to learn and grow as a content creator. In the world of digital, things change drastically within seconds. A new digital platform is created, there’s a new analytics tool to try, or a new camera (a filter in some cases) promises to capture the best of your moments.

Digital, specifically blogging changes real quick, very 0 to 100.

So, I was excited to see that the #WeAllGrow Summit, the professional conference for Latinas in the digital space, powered by Latina Bloggers Connect, was hosting an event in New York City. Held at The Green Building in Brooklyn, #WeAllGrow NYC gathered roughly 75 Latinas together to learn, share and relationship build. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from the day’s mentors, which included Emmelie De La Cruz, founder of The Branding Muse; Enid Hwang, community manager at Pinterest; and Lisa Price, president and founder of Carol’s Daughter. We also heard from experience media professionals—Zuania Capó, editor in chief at, and Marie Chalita, social media director Vanidades USA + Cosmopolitan En Español. The event kicked off with a lovely brunch, sponsored by Pinterest, and a welcome address from Latina Bloggers Connect and #WeAllGrow founder Ana Flores.

After spending the day listening to powerful talks and connecting with game changing Latinas, here are 10 tried-and-true tips on furthering your brand, listening to your audience and growing your readership:

1. Humanize your brand. It’s the very reason blogs are a go-to destination for many. News outlets are designed to provide their readers with objective articles. Just the facts. However, blogs often provide readers with a first-person point of view of news, current events and culture, among other things. Keep it real with your readers. It’s why they come to you!  


2. Speak with, not at your audience. Remember when mamá or whomever would talk at you as a kid, not letting you interject with your thoughts? This is very similar. Just with a social media spin. Engage in conversations with your readers and social media following.  

  3. Know your metrics. Metrics are how you know what content resonates with your readers, and what type of content your social media followers gravitate toward. You can get as specific as knowing what time of day people are clicking on articles or time spent on your site. Your metrics allows you to effectively communicate your numbers to brands and potential partners. What if your numbers aren’t super high? Emmelie advises you to look at where your audience is, and sell the engagement. A smaller number of followers, or subscribers, doesn’t mean your engagement is low. Your metrics will help you tell that story.


4. Leverage the power of Pinterest. So many points here! Let me show you:





5.  Tell your OWN story. Social media and digital platforms have allowed for greater access in telling one’s story. You have the power to create your own narrative, so use your respective platforms to do so.


6.You are your brand.

Understand this. You represent your brand in person and on the web.

7. Find a partner. Sponsorship is great, but make sure it’s a partnership. Both parties should gain value from the business arrangement.

8. New social media platform, new story. Don’t use the same strategy for each platform. They’re different for a reason. This allows you to tell your story in a new, attention-grabbing way.

9. Trust in what you know. Tap into what you’re good at. You’ve always loved to cook and have a passion for creating delectable meals? Surely, someone that’s learning to cook would come to you for advice. Understand that what you know is valuable to others.


10. Social listening is key.

This point goes hand in hand with speaking with, not at your audience. Take the time to recognize what resonates with your audience and engage them in conversations based on your findings (better known as what they like/want).

For more gems, visit the #WeAllGrowNYC hashtag.

What content tips have worked for you? Share them with us in the comments section. 

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  • Loved this recap, amiga!! Your talent is impeccable!:)

    • Gracias, Delia! Appreciate your kind words, amiga 🙂

    • Ain’t I Latina?

      Gracias, amiga!! Appreciate your kind words. 🙂