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9 Latina Entrepreneurs to Support This Holiday Season (And Beyond)

Holiday shoppers are in the thick of things. With Christmas just days away, many are still looking for the perfect item to gift their loved ones. As a team that loves to advocate and support our own, we decided to create a short list of amazing gift ideas that were created by our very own: Latinas.

Whether you want to gift your friend with a workout she won’t forget or add a sweet treat to the menu, these Latina entrepreneurs are the brains behind great products:




(Image: Sulma Arzu-Brown)

Sulma Arzu-Brown

After receiving a suggestion to relax her then 3-year-old daughter’s hair, Sulma Arzu-Brown decided to write an empowering children’s book about natural hair. Bad Hair Does Not Exist! (Pelo Malo No Existe!), a bilingual book for girls three and up, teaches children to love their natural hair, as well as promotes a second language, Spanish.

Visit to purchase your copy, or



Hipatia Lopez (Image: Empanada Fork)

Hipatia Lopez

This innovator has helped to simplify the empanada-making process. Making empanadas can be a tedious task, but Hipatia Lopez saw opportunity in it. She created Empanada Fork, a patented-kitchen utensil that helps enclose the dough when making the yummy stuffed pastry.

You can purchase your Empanada Fork online by visiting her website,




Chef Veronica Velez. (Image: Instagram)

Veronica Velez

Chef Veronica Velez’s appreciation for her Puerto Rican roots shines through her decadent dishes. The blogger, food writer and culinary master is heavily involved in the culinary scene in New York. If you follow her on social media, you know the winner of Museo Del Barrio’s Coquito Masters is serving up her special coquito recipe.

To get your bottle, visit




Cynthia Sepulveda-Caballero. (Image: Inner Vibrations Magazine)

Cynthia Sepulveda-Caballero

Wanting to keep a longstanding tradition alive, but also improve it by making it healthier, Cynthia Sepulveda-Caballero created Flaco Coquito. Flaco Coquito comes in various flavors, all of which are low in sugar and fat. There are also vegan options.

Follow Flaco Coquito on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest.




Isidra Sabio. (Image: Bad Hair Does Not Exist)

Isidra Sabio

Have you ever tried searching for a holiday card that actually looked like you, but fell far short of that vision? We can hear the resounding “yass” already. Well, Afro-Latina artist Isidra Sabio sought to change that, creating beautiful visuals in the form of greeting cards. Sabio has been designing cards since she was a child in Honduras.

You can find her amazing designs at GreetingCardUniverse/Isidra.




Coco and Breezy. (Image: Sidney H. Gomes // Instagram)

Coco and Breezy

This dynamic duo has taken the fashion eyewear game by storm with their futuristic and uber cool sunglasses (and now accessories). Corianna and Brianna Dotson, better known as Coco and Breezy, moved to New York City and started their eyewear business in 2009 at the age of 19. The Afro-Latina twins began their dream a little over five years ago and have been able to create an eyewear empire, working with brands such as Addidas, and expanding to design apparel. Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, among others, have worn their designs.

You can check out their collections at



Sonia Guzman. (Image: LinkedIn)

Sonia Guzman

Sonia Guzman had a successful career working with big name companies like Conde Nast, Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting. However, after losing her sister to cancer and a life-changing car crash, Guzman wanted to pivot her career to focus on health. She launched Carson Life, a growing natural health, wellness and beauty brand that creates products with Latinos in mind.

You can pick up a selection of products at Walgreens, Walmart and CVS in Puerto Rico, or online at




Janet Jones. (Image: Instagram)

Janet Jones

Vixen Workout creator Janet Jones is literally shaking up the way women exercise. The former Miami Heat dancer birthed an hour-long high-cardio twerk out that not only gets your body right, but your mind as well. While the class includes a playlist with hits from Beyoncé, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few, it includes affirmative chants that will have you basking in your flyness. “Yes, I’m sexy!”

To get your Vixen Workout experience at

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